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"One of the top 40 security guard service companies in the nation."

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OSS Inc. maintains an ongoing program designed to identify, evaluate and incorporate state-of-the-art technological applications for use in security guard procedures. Electronic surveillance and monitoring systems effectively reduce the occurrence of security related incidents.

The Pipe - An electronic verification device with accompanying software:

  • Documents when a security guard was physically present at specific locations
  • Records dates and times a security guard performs particular duties
  • Captures security guard data by touching the reader head of the electronic wand to a memory button at designated checkpoints
  • Documents a security guard’s activities and electronically stores it for verification and review

OSS Inc. utilizes the IBM AS400 System and our own internal programs, which are designed specifically for our security guard business needs. The AS400 System is equipped with multi-gigabytes of RAM and multi-terabytes of hard disk space to accommodate large amounts of data storage. The system is also equipped with a web server that includes firewall capabilities for:

  • Supporting e-commerce in taking and tracking orders
  • Providing security guarding service to customers
  • Working with partners and suppliers

Domino and Notes applications are added to the system for corporate groupware services used in upscale emailing, project file sharing, whiteboards and electronic collaborations. Meanwhile, our Java Software makes it possible for us to develop security guard commercial applications and services.

Not all security guarding companies are alike! OSS Inc. is a leader among Ohio, New York and PA security guard companies in the utilization of technological equipment. Contact us for more security guard service information.


"...Thanks to OSS and in particular to your Operations Mgr., Don, for the excellent servicing of our account. When any issue small or large come up, I call Don and its taken care of. I appreciate his professionalism and expertise in handling our account and again thanks to OSS for making my job a little bit easier and less stressful."

-- INMETCO, Pittsburgh, PA


"...Clow Water Systems Company has contracted with OSS Inc. for approximately 30 years. We have been very satisfied with the professional security services provided. One of your security guards detected a small fire on our premises. He took the initiative to personally extinguish it; thereby insuring the safety and security of our employees and our property. Please accept and extend our heartfelt appreciation for his attentiveness and resourcefulness."

-- Clow Water Systems Company, OH


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