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"One of the top 40 security guard service companies in the nation."

OSS Inc. Security Guard Service

OSS Inc. contract security guard officers are educated in:
  • The essential principles of industrial facilities, office buildings & commercial businesses
  • Crime deterrent measures
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Emergency procedures
  • Incident-response tactics
  • Courtesy and personal presentation
OSS Inc. contract security guard services include:
  • Fully uniformed contract security guards
  • Receptionist and entry security guards
  • Unarmed security guards
  • EMT trained security guards
  • CPR certified security guards
  • Property patrol
  • Guarded central station operating 24/7, 365 days/year
  • Customer service representatives on-call 24/7
  • Satellite offices are strategically located throughout your area
  • Electronic security measures
  • Signing in/out authorized personnel
  • Issuing passes/badges
  • Logging in/out of visitors & inventory
  • Checking locks of common area doors, windows & gates
  • Escorting customers & employees to cars
We instruct our unarmed security guards with basic and site-specific training. For example, our security officers are equipped with procedures to handle the following emergency incidents:
  • Fire, explosion or serious accident
  • Bomb threat
  • Civil or national disorder
  • Utilities control & accidental interruption

In addition, OSS officers participate in an intensive hazardous material training course conducted in conjunction with local authorities. If your facility experiences danger due to new hazardous conditions, OSS unarmed security guards can instruct employees of protective measures and emergency procedures immediately on your behalf.

OSS Inc. is a private security company with over 45 years of guard experience. To learn more about our contract services, view our company PowerPoint® presentation online or download it to your computer using the links below.

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"...Our OSS guards respond quickly and professionally to any emergency situations that occur!" -- NARS-TDSI, OH


"...Your security guards have created a safety environment on campus that deserves recognition. I received numerous compliments on the professionalism your security force exhibits to our campus community and your supervision and management team play an important part in this successful program. Case Western Reserve University expresses its gratitude for all your efforts."

-- Case Western Reserve University, OH


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