"One of the top 40 security guard service companies in the nation."

OSS Inc. is one of the largest privately held security guard companies in the nation with a work force of more than 2,000 highly trained security officers.

  • Independently owned & operated American private security company since 1967
  • Ohio, New York & PA security companies
  • Serving over 1,000 satisfied customers
  • Members of ASIS & BOMA

OSS Inc. is a preferred corporate security guard provider for some of the most prominent and powerful corporations in the world.

OSS Security Guard Company FAQs

Q: Are OSS security guards armed or unarmed?
A: Our security guard service consists of unarmed officers.

Q: What can an unarmed security guarding service provide?
A: Unarmed security guards provide several duties. OSS Inc. is a professional security guard service and our security officers are uniformed and trained to monitor building traffic, supervise gate access, report violations and aid in evacuations. In the event of a crime, accident or medical emergency, an unarmed security guard is a professional witness or first responder who contacts the authorities and emergency services, and directs them to the situation needing attention.

Q: Are OSS security guards trained in CPR?
A: If requested by the client, OSS security officers will obtain certification in a "Medic First Aid Training and CPR Course." This 8-hour class is designed to assist our security guards in learning the seven basic skills of emergency-patient care and can be custom-tailored to address the specific security needs of the clientís workplace.

Q: Are OSS security guards uniformed?
A: Yes, OSS Inc. has established a strict set of appearance standards to which all officers and supervisory personnel must adhere. All security officers are issued a complete uniform that meets the standards set by OSS Inc. management and no other uniform will be worn in its place. The uniform for our security officers is as follows: navy pants, light blue short sleeve shirts with OSS Inc. insignia, black tie, baseball hat with OSS Inc. insignia, navy spring jacket with OSS Inc. insignia, navy winter coat with OSS Inc. insignia and laminated identification badge. A gray blazer is provided upon client request. See our security guard Uniform Flyer to view the uniform selections.

Q: How are your security officers selected?
A: Potential employees are recruited from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) and their graduates. OSS Inc. often recruits retired and part-time fire and safety professionals, including police, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics. Former U.S. National Guard, U.S. Military personnel and other professionals have become OSS Inc. security guards too. *It is OSS Inc.ís preference to recruit individuals with military, police, firefighting, EMS and EMT backgrounds. All prospective security guards are subject to an extensive screening process prior to consideration for employment. The process begins with a thorough background check, which includes investigations of work history, educational background, and references from employers and educators. Security guard applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and display competency in a variety of essential and fundamental skills.

Q: Does OSS provide services overnight?
A: When a client signs a security guard contract with OSS, they can rest assured that they have a dependable security guard company ready to meet every security need at any time of day. If you like, OSS security guards can be present onsite around the clock. OSS also has a manned central station operating 24 hrs. per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for client customer service and security guard supervision.


"...My mother, a frequent parker in the One Cleveland Center lot, lost her phone in a stairwell in the parking building. We called an OSS guard for assistance in locating my mother. Thankfully, my mother arrived at home safe and sound. We are indebted to OSS for helping to calm what thankfully did not turn into a chaotic situation."

-- -- One Cleveland Center, OH


"...Optima Management Group, LLC manages in excess of 2.7 million square feet of office space in downtown Cleveland, OH and exclusively uses OSS Inc. to provide all of our security services. The services provided exceed our expectations and is consistently responsive to our needs. We have recently signed a new, multi-year contract to continue to provide security services to all our Cleveland properties."

-- Optima Management Group, LLC, OH


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